Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Keep your device's calendar synced to Google calendars


App Downloads

You will need both of these apps to sync with Google Calendar. The Sign In app is only needed for the initial Google Sign in and can be deleted after sign in is complete.


1. Download the APK's from the above link and copy to your flashdrive.

2. Insert the flash drive into your Ghost Phone with the USB-C adapter.

3. Tap "Explore" on the notification that appears.

4. Tap davx5.apk

5. Tap "continue" on the popup that appears, then "Install."

6. Repeat for the SignIn application

Syncing Calendar

With both apps installed, follow the instructions at under the OAuth Login section. Once complete, open the calendar app on your Ghost Phone and go to Settings. Scroll down to CalDav sync and enable.

It may take a few minutes for all events to sync.

The SignIn app can be deleted after this step, as it is only needed for sign in. DAVX5 must remain installed!