Our phones are carrier unlocked and will work on all US cell networks with the exception of Google Fi.

Google Fi requires their proprietary software to be installed for cell service, which is currently not possible on Ghost Phone Products.

eSIMs are not currently supported, so you'll need a physical SIM card.

You will need a small amount of data for a smooth Ghost Phone experience (GPS navigation, sending images, streaming music, etc). We recommend at least 1GB of data monthly.

We use brand new Pixel series hardware. The first time the phone is opened is by us, and all phones include original accessories.

We do not offer that service at this time.

We have discontinued our international shipping operations as of Oct. 2023. We are unable to make exceptions.

All orders have a 14-day return window from the date you receive the phone.

To initiate a return, email us at contact@ghostmode.us with your order number.

All Ghost Phones have a standard 1-year hardware warranty applicable to manufacturing defects.

Some apps outside our add-ons page can be sideloaded to your Ghost Phone (yes, including Spotify). Note that browsers and social media apps are blocked from installation, and any apps that require Google Play Services to function will not work.

We cannot install additional apps for customers. It is not possible for us to preinstall non-stock apps and still have the user go through the typical setup process. It would also involve us breaking various 3rd-party apps' terms of service to distribute their apps without a license.

Installation of apps you source yourself is simple and easy. Just follow the instructions for any apps in the Add-Ons section of the site.


Yes, images and videos can be transferred to your computer from your Ghost Phone. Mac users will require the Android File Transfer application available at https://www.android.com/filetransfer/

Up to you, but keep in mind our devices are designed for and tested by adults.

When given a choice between making our products more usable vs locking them down, we choose usability every time. For example, we allow users to permanently delete text messages, something more child-centric devices often don't allow.

That being said some staff members have great success with their teens using Ghost Phones.