The Dumbphone With [4K Cameras|Maps|Music|Texting|Everything]

The Ghost Phone Pro. No browser. No appstore. Just everything you need.
Starting at $599
Apps List


Up to 60fps 4K video and 4032x3024 images. Might even be nicer than your current phone's camera. Seriously.
See Sample Images


Powered by Mapbox maps data, has voice instructions, day/night mode, traffic indicators and more.


Exactly what you'd expect. Support for multiple alarms, timers, time zones.


Support for reminders, schedules. Can be synced to Google Calendar with one of our Add-On apps.


Supports import/export from .vcf files (Google Contacts and iCloud contacts can be imported. See the user guide for details)


Built-in music player supports playlists, album/artist/genre sorting and common audio formats for local files. Apps for music streaming are available in our Add Ons section.


Full SMS/MMS support. Group messaging, photo sending, emojis, it's all there. Links and images can be forwarded to and from email for easy sharing (cellular data required).


Supports labeling, checklists and more.


2-week forecast, hourly forecast, precipitation updates and more.


Do you like math? If not, do you sometimes still need to do things with numbers? We've got everyone covered with a full scientific calculator.


Look at your photos, videos and screenshots. Can sort by date, media type and album.


Call, view voicemail and even set favorites for speed dial.

Ghost OS

It's not a locked-down version of regular Google Android. It's our own Android Open Source Project (AOSP)-based operating system, built from the ground up and maintained by us here at Ghost Mode.

Designed to be as fast and easy to use as a smartphone, but without apps that suck your time away.

Based On Android 14
The latest and greatest. Phone receives regular updates from our servers.
Active Package Management™
Blocks browsers and social media sites from being installed, keeping your phone fresh and distraction-free.
Traditional User Interface
Responsive, customizable app drawer and home screen with full gesture navigation. Because we believe a phone only makes sense if it's easy to use.
Support For More Apps
If you need more functionality, other apps not requiring Google Services can be installed. Check out our curated list in the Add-Ons section.
USes pixel 6a hardware

Hardware Features

Ghost Phone Pro, based on the Pixel 6a

Full Wireless Connectivity
5G, Wifi, Bluetooth 5.2
In-Screen Fingerprint Reader
For easy unlock. Stores up to five prints.
6.1 Inch Screen
High-def in a nicely sized package. For reference, about the same size as an iPhone 13.
128 GB of Storage
Enough for a LOT of photos, videos, etc.
Default Apps Shown

Need more apps?

Uber, Music Streaming, Whatsapp, Duo 2FA and more are available in our add ons section.

Just load the install file onto the included usb drive, plug it into the phone and enjoy.

14-Day Returns

Find out the Ghost Phone isn't for you? No worries. No restocking fees. No return shipping fees. We really think you'll like our phone, and if you don't, we'll take care of it.

Protecting Your Investment

Buying our phone is an investment into a better you, and we've got that investment protected. We'll repair or replace any device having hardware issues as a result of regular use during the first year.

Keeping You Connected

Dropping off the map doesn't mean you don't still need a map. That's why we've included basic utilities like maps and calendar. You don't have to worry about getting through your day smoothly.

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