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Our latest feature phone

the premium feature phone

What you need. That's everything.

Ghost Phone devices are premium feature phones designed to seamlessly replace your current smartphone. Our phones have all the apps and features you'd expect from a smart device with none of the distractions. No browsers or appstores, no social media or endless scrolling. Just the essentials you need, thoughtfully designed.

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everything you need

No app store or browser, just high-quality necessities to get you through your day smoothly.

Texting, phone calls, camera and navigation, plus some extras.

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It's Never Been easier

We've been there. We know you want to be awesome but you waste too much time.

And it's hard to get off your phone.

So we made a new one.

Now it's easy.

Keeping You Connected

Dropping off the map doesn't mean you don't still need a map.

That's why we've included basic utilities like maps and calendar.

You don't have to worry about getting through your day smoothly.

Protecting Your Investment

Buying our phone is an investment into a better you, and we've got that investment protected.

We'll repair or replace any device having hardware issues as a result of regular use during the first year.

Full Refunds In the First 30 Days

Find out going ghost isn't for you?

No worries.

No restocking fees.

No return shipping fees.

We really think you'll like our phone, and if you don't, we'll take care of it.

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