Ghost Phone Pro

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Size 128GB

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Sacrifice nothing with the Ghost Phone Pro.

Stunning 4K 60FPS video and detailed, vibrant photographs from the dual front cameras capture life in full definition.

Full 5G, LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Stream music to your car or bluetooth speaker, and make calls over Wifi (if carrier supported).

Full sms messaging capabilities. Send images, voice memos, create and message in group chats.

Full suite of common apps and utilities: GPS, Calendar, Notes, Weather and more. Extra apps for music streaming, Google Calendar sync, messaging and more are available to install from our add-ons page.

Uses Google Pixel 6a hardware.

As always, no browser or appstore.

Simply the best dumbphone

Dual Rear cameras

There's no social media on the Ghost Phone Pro. But that won't stop you from taking share-worthy pictures.

With over 24 megapixels combined between the two rear cameras, the Ghost Phone Pro's images are a step up from many smartphones.

And with up to 60FPS 4K video, you're able to capture your moments in high-definition.

Easy Photo/file transfer

Want to get all those nice photos and videos you've taken on to your computer?

Just plug the phone into your PC with a USB-C cable. Or copy to the flash drive and adapter included with all Ghost Mode phones. Or forward them to your email through the messaging app.

No matter what method you choose, you'll be able to get your photos and files where you need them to be.

Convenient set-up

Transfer your contacts from Google Contacts and/or iCloud quickly (usually takes ~5 minutes) and easily with the included phone accessories.

See the Guides section of our website for more info.

Feature packed messaging

Texting should be easy and straightforward. On the Ghost Phone, we've made sure it is.

Send photos, voice memos, group messages and all the emojis you need.

You can even forward links to your email on most cell carriers. No needing to explain that you can't open links on your phone. Just look at 'em later on your computer.

All the things you need

Bluetooth, wifi, hotspot. Calendar (syncable with Google Calendar), notes, weather. Even blue light filtering mode for nighttime.

Everything you expect a phone to have. Just not any distractions (unless you're really into the weather).

Need more features?

Whatsapp? Podcasts? Audio recording?

All these (and more) are available from the add-ons section of our website, and you can install them once your Ghost Phone arrives.

Check Out the Add ons

Hardware: Google Pixel 6a



Storage: 128GB



Operating System: GhostOS 13, based on Android 13



Rear Cameras:

12.2 MP dual pixel wide camera

12 MP ultrawide camera (.6 zoom)



Display: Full-screen 6.1-inch (156 mm) display, up to 60 Hz



Dimensions: 6.0in height x 2.8in width x 0.35in depth

The Ghost Phone Pro is carrier unlocked and will work on most US networks (Verizon, At&t, Sprint, T-Mobile and their sub-companies).



Google Fi is an exception: the proprietary software needed for cell service through Fi cannot currently be install on the Ghost Phone.



eSIMs are not currently supported, so you will need a physical SIM card.

1-year warranty on device hardware. Does not cover user damage.

Returns must be initiated within 14 days of receiving the phone. Initiate a return from the contact section of our website.