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Ghost Phone Plus User Guide

The Ghost Phone and Ghost Phone Plus are designed to be as intuitive to use as possible, much like a regular smartphone. Here you'll find general operating instructions, as well as how to set up your Ghost Phone for the first time.

Initial setup

Face Unlock (Ghost Phone Plus Only)

Face unlock on the Ghost Phone Plus can be set up in either normal or accessibility mode. The normal setup will require you to center your face in the circle that appears and move your head around (see below image). The camera will capture your face from all angles. This is the preferred way to set up face unlock, as it is both more secure and better able to detect the user's face.

Face Unlock in Accessibility Mode takes one photo of the users face. This is less accurate and less able to detect the users face, but easier to set up as only one photo is needed.


A backup can be transferred from one Ghost Phone to another at setup time.

To back up from your current Ghost Phone, go to Settings > System > Backup and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note you will need a USB flash drive and USB-C adapter to be able to install the backup on your new device. The drive and adapter that come with each Ghost Phone will do nicely.

You will also need a piece of paper or a similar way to store the 12 word security code needed to restore from a backup. The words must be written down in order. You will have to enter the combination of words on the new device to un-encrypt the backup.

Users restoring from the Ghost Phone to the Ghost Phone Plus: the Ghost Phone Plus uses different messaging, navigation and notes app than the original Ghost Phone. Data in these apps will not transfer automatically through the backup process.

Please Note: not everything always transfers perfectly from the backup process. Always check and make sure you have all the data transferred before wiping your previous phone. We're always trying to make the backup application better and more thorough, but some bugs and errors remain. Files can be manually transferred over using the included flash drive if the backup doesn't catch them.

Post setup


Navigating the user interface (UI) is nearly identical to the latest iPhone and Android devices. If you've used these before, you will already be familar with the Ghost Phone's gesture navigation.

Contacts Import

Importing contacts is done by downloading your contacts list as a .vcf file and copying it to the phone. Multiple .vcf files can be added to contacts (useful if you have contacts spread across multiple accounts). The Ghost Phone will combine duplicate contact entries automatically.

1. Sign in to icloud on your computer

2. Go to contacts

3. Select settings on the bottom left of the screen. Tap export. Export as .vcf file.

4. Copy the downloaded file to the flash drive

1. Sign into on your computer

2. Select "apps" (the dotted square next to the profile image in the top right) and then select "contacts."

3. Select export from the bottom left and export as .vcf file.

4. Copy the downloaded file to the flash drive

Regardless of source, adding the contacts from the .vcf file to the device is the same. Simply plug the flash drive with the contacts file into the phone and open it in the file explorer. From there tap the file and select the "Open in Contacts" option.

Alternately, you can open the contacts app, tap "Import" and select the file from the file explorer that appears.


SMS to Email

Photos, links and text can be sent to any email address from the built-in messaging app. To do so, tap the New Message icon on the bottom right corner of the messaging app. Instead of selecting a contact or a phone number, type in the email address you would like to send the message too.

Long pressing on the Send arrow will allow you to add a subject line to the message.

You will need both carrier support and a cell plan with data to use this feature.

Most carriers support this functionality, you can check yours at the link below.


The navigation app on the Ghost Phone Plus is much improved over the original Ghost Phone's Organic Maps. However, if you find the offline capabilities of Organic Maps useful to you, it can be downloaded from our Add-ons section or the official Organic Maps website.

While our new maps app runs off accurate and continuously updated live map data from MapBox, it does not currently have the ability to match addresses off the internet with locations like Google Maps or other maps apps can. As such, search may in some rare cases not be able to find a business or building based on the name alone. We recommend checking this before your trip, and knowing/writing down the street address of your destination in these cases.

Parting Notes

The Ghost Phone has a lot of features you're already used to, too many in fact to list here. Things like hotspotting, blue light (night light) filtering and various phone customizations are all available. If there's a feature you need that you can't seem to find on the device, or if you need help with a device in general, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form on the website.

In the meantime, enjoy the freedom we hope the Ghost Phone has given you!